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Rubber Bands

In almost every busy office up and down the country rubber bands are being used on a daily basis. Although you could be forgiven for thinking that they are a ‘one size fits all’ product, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Giving you a helping hand when choosing the size and width of a rubber band for your specific task, we have created a guide below.

First you need to think about the size that you will need in relation to its width and then in terms of the expansion that you will need. Each rubber band measurement can be seen below and can be used to make sure that the product is right for you.

Whether you are securing boxes, fastening stationery together to keep it neat and tidy or creating bundles of envelopes in assorted piles then we have a rubber band that will do just the job. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one size will suit all because in our extensive experience that isn’t the case.



Rubber Band Size Guide

Code Description Length Width Pack View Product
KF10520 No.10 31.75mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10522 No.12 38.1mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10523 No.14 50.8mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10524 No.16 63.5mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10526 No.18 76.2mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10527 No.19 88.9mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10533 No.24 152.4mm 1.6mm 500g link
KF10535 No.30 50.8mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10537 No.32 76.2mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10538 No.33 88.9mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10539 No.34 101.6mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10542 No.36 127mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10544 No.38 152.4mm 3.2mm 500g link
KF10548 No.63 76.2mm 6.3mm 500g link
KF10549 No.64 88.9mm 6.3mm 500g link
KF10550 No.65 101.6mm 6.3mm 500g link
KF10554 No.69 152.4mm 6.3mm 500g link
KF10560 No.75 101.6mm 9.5mm 500g link
KF10573 No.89 152.4mm 12.7mm 500g link
KF10577 Assorted Sizes Various Various 500g link
KF10673 Assorted Sizes Various Various 100g link
KF02032Q Assorted Sizes, Coloured Various Various 10 x 15g link
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